Tom Fitz

Tom utilizes over eighteen years of manufacturing experience to help companies create value and competitive advantage by: conceiving & instituting environmental sustainability programs, re-engineering operations and optimizing processes to reduce operating costs, developing long and short term capital expenditure strategies, and designing world class equipment modules. These skills have been applied in the personal care, cosmetics, food & beverage, household goods and pharmaceutical sectors at companies including Unilever, Clairol, Burt's Bees, Wyeth, Bristol Myers Squibb, and numerous third party contractors.

Prior to founding Green Frontier, Tom worked at Burt's Bees for five years, the last three as Vice President of Sustainable Engineering. In this position, he led the company's environmental sustainability program that reduced non-product water usage by 35%, decreased the amount of solid waste diverted to landfill by 75% and flat-lined electricity usage despite sales growth of 55% and tripling the amount of space being occupied by the company in the three year span. Additionally, he was responsible for developing the company's three year capital expenditure strategy and executing the annual spending plan. Before working at Burt's, Tom worked as a process engineer at various personal care and engineering companies. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University.

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