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on Wednesday, 12 October 2011
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A Man Worthy of his Name

Richard Branson’s Quest for Clean Fuel

To become knighted by the royal family means an individual has achieved excellence in several facets of their life.  Richard Branson was bestowed the honor in 2000 for his “services of entrepreneurship”, and has recently partnered with two companies to innovate a technology that can be his best creation ever -this one focused on preserving the environment.

Sir Richard’s company, Virgin Atlantic Airways, has partnered with LanzaTech and Swedish Biofuels to create a new jet fuel by capturing, fermenting and chemically converting waste gases from industrial steel production.  Although currently in the pilot stage, the partners plan on commissioning a larger demonstration facility this year with plans of starting a commercial operation in China by 2014.

It has been estimated that the process could be applied to 65% of the world’s steel mills, and potentially to metal processing and chemical industries in the near future. 

Many companies start with the little rocks, the quick wins, when looking to reduce CO2 emissions.  Sir Richard went for the biggest boulder he could find.  I personally think steel mills, metal processing, chemical industries, and the aviation industry as a whole are some of the worst violators of CO2 emissions.  The new fuel will not only burn cleaner, thus reducing its carbon footprint by half, but it’s also derived by capturing the non eco-friendly stack gases and converting them into jet fuel. 

This is a win-win in my book!