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To help companies understand and improve their sustainability performance, Green Frontier offers many services, either as a single advisor, or in collaboration with our world-class partners. We help our clients thrive in all facets of corporate responsibility.

As a means to assess the environmental performance of a product, process or activity, we must first understand and measure the various impacts that components, and their subcomponents, will have. Green Frontier performs Life Cycle Analysis for organizations that aspire to learn more about the environmental and social impacts amassed by their products as a means to implement improvements. Due to the high level of complexity, many clients opt to perform modified LCA’s (Environmental Footprints) of their products in lieu of the time-intensive, full-scale LCA.


Environmental footprints, modified iterations of a Life Cycle Analysis, are customized assessments that focus on selected variables of a product, process or service specifically from an eco-lens. The environmental footprint allows clients to scrutinize a single impact variable, or multiple variables, to set effective reduction plans at different phases throughout the life cycle. They are initially evaluated against internal manufacturing conditions, but often include select portions of the product's life that may be critical to understanding the overall impact.


Waste exists in many forms throughout an organization. Most people think solely of the solid waste being diverted to landfill, but waste is more widely defined as "any activity that does not add value to the product or service." The activity does not add value if the customer is not willing to pay more money for this activity. Waste can be viewed as the single hurdle that can limit a business over time, unless it is identified and systematically eliminated.


With over twenty years of experience designing, installing and commissioning world class systems in the personal care, cosmetics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and household consumer goods industries, we have a proven track record of effectively translating our clients' needs into solutions that fulfill all aspects of their short and long-term manufacturing strategies and needs.


Green Frontier partners with well -renowned companies and specialists to provide our clients with turnkey offerings that drive value throughout their organization, while helping them attain their strategic goals and objectives.


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