As a means to assess the environmental performance of a product, process or activity, we must first understand and measure the various impacts that components, and their subcomponents, will have. Green Frontier performs Life Cycle Analysis for organizations that aspire to learn more about the environmental and social impacts amassed by their products as a means to implement improvements. Due to the high level of complexity, many clients opt to perform modified LCA’s (Environmental Footprints) of their products in lieu of the time-intensive, full-scale LCA.

The following is a visual depiction of the process in which an LCA will be performed.

In Phase I, Green Frontier collaborates with the client to baseline the internal impacts of an identified product, process or service. The impacts measured will be comprised of both those that go into making the product, as well as the by-products and outputs that result. Environmental impacts including GHG, water, solid waste, toxic chemicals and material usage will be tracked and trended, while social factors like human impact and effect on the community will be closely analyzed. In phases II and III, the evaluation focuses on the entire supply chain – from harvesting of material(s) to the end of use/life - so an overall calculation of the impact created by the product, process or activity is more clearly understood.

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