Green Frontier partners with well -renowned companies and specialists to provide our clients with turnkey offerings that drive value throughout their organization, while helping them attain their strategic goals and objectives.

In addition to our four primary offerings, the following services are available in collaboration with our affiliates to drive top line sales, reduce operating costs and build brand equity.

LEED Certification

An assessment of your facility(s) will be performed to document baseline conditions. Then a gap analysis will be completed to generate a viable action plan that, once implemented and tracked, will enable you to attain the level of certification desired (i.e.- certified, silver, gold, platinum).

“Green” Executive Training & Planning

Building corporate responsibility into your overall business strategy is imperative to its success. By working with the executive and management teams, we provide guidance in crafting a sustainability vision, mission statement, long-term strategy and three year roadmap. Key performance indicators (KPI's) and metrics are identified to measure success versus the annual plan and to serve as a system for rewarding positive results and behaviors.

“Green” Product Innovation & Re-design

Select new and/or existing product(s) are chosen to scrutinize and re-design for end of life to minimize their dependence on material consumption throughout their life cycle. By working with your research and development team(s), we'll collaborate to explore more sustainable designs, formulations and package technologies, and the value realized can be marketed to new & existing customers to strengthen brand equity and boost top line sales.

“Green” Purchasing & Sourcing

Cultivating relationships upstream in your supply chain will have a significant impact on several facets of your organization. We partner with our clients to revise procurement policies and institute a "supplier scorecard" to obtain the following benefits: prevent material and resource shortages (business risks), identify local suppliers to reduce GHG emission, lower overall environmental footprint associated with making a product, and reduce purchasing costs by sharing cost reduction and waste reduction opportunities.

“Green” Transportation

A substantial quantity of a company's Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions result from the transport of raw materials to their manufacturing facilities, and finished goods to retail locations. Other contributors, including company travel, commuting and company vehicles make up a majority of the balance. We advise our clients and recommend alternatives to pursue, thus minimizing their GHG impacts associated with transportation as a whole.

Customer Scorecard Compliance

Wal-Mart has taken the lead to ensure its' 100,000 global suppliers begin understanding and reducing their impact on the environment by rolling out a scorecard. It's only a matter of time before other large retail outlets follow suit and generate scorecards of their own. We work with our clients in all phases to help them understand and embrace their customers' sustainability priorities, craft actionable plans, trend data and course-correct, and effectively communicate progress and results.

Employee Training & Education

Attaining one's sustainability goals is most effectively achieved when all employees in the organization are engaged. We have had success embedding sustainability into the overarching culture and value systems of our clients. In this ideal process, sustainability becomes a way of working and not just another initiative that requires the allocation of resources. Providing all employees with routine training and education will raise awareness and foster a culture that seeks continuous improvement by driving out waste and inefficiencies.

Community Outreach

A key constituent of social sustainability is giving back to the community in which one operates. There are numerous ways this can be achieved, and all are rewarding in their own right. We have assisted clients in identifying gratifying opportunities to give back that align with their budgets, volunteer workforce available, and needs of the local community.

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