With over twenty years of experience designing, installing and commissioning world class systems in the personal care, cosmetics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and household consumer goods industries, we have a proven track record of effectively translating our clients' needs into solutions that fulfill all aspects of their short and long-term manufacturing strategies and needs.

Whether designing and installing a new equipment module or retrofitting existing equipment to improve internal capacity, Green Frontier will conceive solutions that fit within your capital budget and project timeline such as the continuous manufacturing skid shown below. To read some specific examples,, please click here to review Tom's Personal Profile.

Mass/Blend skid courtesy of Oden Corporation.

Embedding formal processes into an organization is a safeguard to guaranteeing the quality of the product/service being offered to the customer. The one caveat is that most organizations don't continually challenge existing processes. To say there is a process in place does not guarantee that it is the most efficient, cost-effective or sustainable. Our belief is that processes and procedures should be continuously reviewed and optimized to ensure wasteful practices are eliminated. We know that waste = money. Process optimization has been utilized to identify opportunities and implement improvements to reduce operating and labor costs in the following areas: pre-weigh, bulk manufacturing & transfer, cleaning & sanitization, shipping/receiving, material handling, maintenance, filling, and warehousing.

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