Green Frontier will work closely with your company to build a sustainability platform that is specifically tailored to your business strategy, long-term goals and sustainability aspirations. We imbed viable strategies within your overall business plan, ensuring that they are not competing, but rather working in unison to improve financial performance. The following model, detailing our fundamental approach, has proven effective in integrating social responsibility into existing business practices.

We work with company leaders to help define and refine key program aspects, including your vision, mission statement, and long-term goals and objectives.  We collect, compile and analyze baseline data to help your company understand its current state, so that a customized three-year plan can be constructed and implemented.  The resulting road map is further dissected to yield annual action plans with specific targets, metrics, performance indicators and initiatives.

At Green Frontier, we understand the reality that all employees will be involved at some level in the planning or execution of environmental initiatives.  Therefore, we work side by side with your employees at all levels, from hourly workers to the executive team, to train and educate them, so that environmental stewardship becomes a larger part of your overall culture.  Our goal, and a key element to success, is achieving 100% organization-wide engagement.

As the plan is implemented, in-process results will be measured and shared along the way, allowing you to see the progress and providing the opportunity to course-correct, tweak or maintain the current path.  We encourage our clients to take a step back, reflect upon the ups and downs of the past year, and celebrate positive performance before the process continues.

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