Most professionals view sustainability as yet another "initiative" that will further stretch their already strained resources. Despite knowing the benefits of environmental and social stewardship, they opt to stick with existing processes and behaviors, ignoring their long term ramifications. In an effort to meet today's needs, the long-term welfare of the planet is often sacrificed.

Our consulting offerings help tackle this problem by collaborating with clients to embed corporate responsibility into their overall business plan and culture as a whole. We combine our expertise in the areas of environmental stewardship, life cycle analysis and process optimization/design with the complementary proficiencies of our world-class partners to offer our clients customized, comprehensive solutions that embrace all facets of sustainability. We have proven our ability to forge trusting relationships across all levels of our clients' infrastructure to facilitate knowledge transfer and maximize employee engagement.

What is your motivation?

Our services have been secured by large and small organizations to drive social responsibility and achieve a multitude of benefits. What are your driving factors? Are you looking to:

  • decrease dependence on non-renewable resources and raw materials?

  • reduce operating costs?

  • get ahead of the imminent federal & state regulations?

  • build brand reputation and legitimacy?

  • temper pressures from customers, consumers, suppliers & employees?

  • attract & retain talented employees?

  • or give back to the communities in which you operate?

Whatever your rationale, we will collaborate to infuse sustainability into your corporate culture. We provide training and education so that future opportunities can be identified and exploited autonomously, ensuring that progress continues.

Forget theory, textbooks and all the articles being published!

An off-the-shelf approach to effectively implement sustainability into an organization does not exist because, in addition to providing different products and services, all companies have different strategies, aspirations, and focuses. At Green Frontier, we understand the need to create customized plans and have accrued years of strategic planning, innovative thinking, and proven, hands-on implementation expertise. We advise and lead our clients to "A Greener Tomorrow". Our passion for protecting the environment we share, and commitment to dispel the belief that sustainability is not financially viable, inspires us to continuously search for new opportunities to create value within organizations both large and small.

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